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Aaj Ka Command
"One Day One Gnu/Linux Command"
Get information on random commands in Gnu/Linux
This Feature is maintained by Bharathi Subramanian
The full archive is maintined here

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mogrify -- Mogrify an image 17212
identify -- Describe an image. 19224
composite -- Composite images together. 17669
traceroute - Print the route taken to a network host. 18866
scp -- Secure remote file Copy Program. 18888
ssh -- OpenSSH SSH Client 17651
telnet -- User interface to the TELNET Protocol. 18585
netstat -- Display the Network subsystem informations. 19981
ipcalc -- Simple IP address manipulation tool. 21333
umask -- Default file-creation permission mask. 17410
lsattr -- List special file attributes on a Ext2 FS 14937
chattr -- Change File Attributes on a Ext2 File System. 15896
play -- Play the sound file. 13953
aspell -- Spell Checker 13980
, >>, | -- Redirection Operators. 14512
gphoto2 -- Client to access the Digital cameras. 14287
mpstat -- Report processor(s) related statistics. 15284
script -- Record the user's activities on a terminal. 13653
halt -- Stop the System. 13674
host -- DNS Look-up Utility 14104
hdparm -- Get/Set Hard Disk Parameters. 14223
lsof -- LiSt Open Files. 14210
strace -- Trace System Calls and Signals 16800
ltrace -- Library call TRACEr 15409
gcc -- GNU C Compiler 14353
ogg123 -- Plays Ogg Vorbis audio files. 14604
dd -- Convert and copy a file. 13922
whatis -- Search the whatis database for complete words 13710
renice -- Alter priority of running processes. 16570
oggenc -- Encode audio into the Ogg Vorbis format. 14864
oggdec -- Decodes Ogg into PCM Audio format. 15151
which -- Shows the location of (shell) commands. 13761
nice -- Run a command with modified priority. 14407
c++decl -- Create/Explain C++ Type Declarations. 30064
cdecl -- Create/Explain C Type Declarations.cdecl -- Create/Explain C Type Declarations. 15874
install -- Copy files and set attributes. 14591
dpkg -- A medium-level package manager for Debian. 13768
apt-get -- Debian Package Manager. 13321
tac -- Concatenate and Print files in reverse order. 14384
umount -- UnMount File System 13369
fsck -- Linux File System Check and Repair Tool. 16478
printenv - Print All/Part of Environment 12188
shred -- Overwrite/Delete a file securely. 13307
md5sum -- Compute and Check MD5 Check sums. 13940
sum -- Compute and Check . 12819
od -- Dump files in Octal and other formats. 15638
locale -- Get and show the locale-specific information. 13531
sha1sum - Compute & Check Secure Hash Algorithm Std 1 message digest. 14879
cksum -- Computes a CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) checksum. 14143
factor -- Print prime factors 13428
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  • Database  ( 22 items )
    We are coming up with a section on Databases. Most of the articles here will be for databases on Gnu/Linux. I myself have been working a lot with Oracle on Gnu/Linux,so I hope to cover that too.
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  • Services  ( 1 items )
    Here We intend to promote variuos free service providers who provide services such as web pages, email, shell/vnc to their users for free

    We will provide technical support in form of regular articles and help pages to help you to avail these services for free

    Presenlty We have have full support from nipl.net and govinda.nipl.net in providing you with same.

    Free Services provided by nipl.net

        * Ssh login accounts and Tightvnc/X11 desktops; great for online-learning.
        * Web hosting with Apache, including https, CGI, SSI and PHP, with ftp and sftp access.
        * Email, including webmail, anti-spam, imap, pop3 and SMTP.  We use Postfix, Dovecot, Squirrelmail and DSPAM.
        * Mailman email lists; mail fetching with Fetchmail, Fetchyahoo and Gotmail.
        * Jabber chat.
        * Syncing, backup and revision-control repositories, using Subversion, Darcs, Arch or Rsync.
        * Serendipity, Blosxom and WordPress blogs; phpBB forums; Oddmuse and MediaWiki wikis.
        * Webcalendars for managing your appointments.
        * Publish art or photos online with Gallery.
        * Cards, a simple way to help one another.
        * Editpage, an online web page editor.
        * Htmldebloater, a web proxy which we are running on port 8080, which strips unnecessary stuff out of html.
        * DNS (domain name) hosting with BIND; and FreeNS, a alternative DNS network.
        * Mysql and Postgresql databases; LDAP directory services.
        * Technical support, web design and programming.  We are happy to set up new whatever software you need.
        * Mentoring, teaching, and learning together: theology, languages, free software, mathematics, science, computer progamming, web design, art, music...  you name it, some of us are into it!
        * Help to publish books, papers, music and art online.

    For availing these free services

        visit nipl.net
        visit govinda.nipl.net
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    A weblog (usually shortened to blog, but occasionally spelled web log) is a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles (normally in reverse chronological order). Although most early weblogs were manually updated, tools to automate the maintenance of such sites made them accessible to a much larger population, and the use of some sort of browser-based software is now a typical aspect of "blogging".

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    programming links and tutorials
  • Wiki  ( 2 items )
    Articles on Wiki
    Join Us at our Wiki, Wiki @ gnulinuxclub
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  • Aaj Ka Tip  ( 110 items )
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