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Note the name of this site - gnulinux'club' . So this is a club - its a club of all Gnulinux enthusiasts and like all good things in this world, the membership to this club is also free!!!

But what do the member's do? And why all this under this section called 'Why a Wiki?' ... where's the real answer dude?? Keep reading to find out ........

If you take a close look around the website - this site is very very practical in its approach. The Newbies section, Corporate Section and help docs all contain articles that are meant to be very business-like. ?

The gnulinuxclub is composed of individuals who want to?move straightforward?to implementation issues. We want to help people out in not only understanding?the conceptual?and theoritical aspects of GNU/Linux but more importantly start figuring out how to use software and products of the gnulinux world. So we have articles on mundane but critical issues like configuring your modem and internet, configuring boot loaders, installing two flavours of Linux on the same machine etc etc.

If you too have a flair for writing such business-like articles, if you are one of those who want to help the world learn gnulinux you can join our club; our league. And this Wiki is the door to membership.

Here's what to do.

  1. Figure out one topic on which you would like to write an article for the readers of this site.
  2. Put your article on this site by editing our wiki?-?by editing an older topic on the Wiki or starting a new one.?
  3. Once your article is in place and complete and we find it good enough, we will probably shift it from the Wiki to one of the sections of the site.?
  4. It will be handy to leave traces of your email ID in the article so that we can invite you to become a full-time/permanent member of the gnulinuxclub and write regular articles for us.
  5. In some cases if we feel that the article is not complete and we can expect someone else to add/modify it, we may continue to maintain it on the Wiki.
  6. In case you have anything to add or modify in any of the existing articles on the site - feel free to suggest the modification.?TO suggest a modification create a topic by the same name as the original article on the Wiki and post your addendum/modified version on it.
NOTE: If the above implies that gnulinuxclub is a strongly grouped organisation with an organised membership etc - please forgive the writer for a wrong choice of words.

gnulinuxclub is a loose group of individuals who maintain this site and are spread across the world, have hardly ever met each other, but share the common passion of popularising gnulinux and free software movement.

Wiki @ gnulinuxclub

Update:The gnulinuxclub Wiki is not UP presently, The article was written to make readers aware with the Wiki culture and the same holds true for all the Wiki
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