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Moving towards Linux - Part 1 Print E-mail
Hello guy's..!! I told you I'll be back...and So I'm.

In this part I'll tell you the Pros and Cons of moving to a Linux desktop from your old annoyed windows desktop. I'm not gona start with history of Linux, you can do a bit of googling to search on the internet about it or look in the Newbies section at this site.
So what is linux ? :-/
Well Linux is an operating system like windows.
Why should I shift to Linux..I've perfect system running windows..?  B-)

Now that's where maximum people are in trouble..!! Well linux offers you more than windows. The only thing is how fast you tend to get around..!! Starting from..

    * A complete Windows like environment - ranging from FULL Featured and matured Gnome to KDE, XFCE to lightweight and easy to use Fluxbox and JWM.
    * Free from hassles of Viruses, Trojans and Spywares. They don't even know linux. In windows my personal eperience is almost half of the RAM is consumed by the so called "Anti-" Programs and software products.
    * Multi-lingual and localisedto the nearest street of your house. You can get linux to work in anylanguage you want..(except for the E.T.'s language), to name a few wehave hindi, tamil, punjabi, bengali available in almost all top-notch linux distributions.
    * Provides a constant learning environment,linux is popularly know as an engineer's operating system, but ofcoursethe time has changed the Operating system as well and now anybody canoperate it as easily as applying butter on bread.Learning...With people all around contributing, they also share their source codes to -
          o help other people,
          o get help from other people, they want other users to test their code.
          o just for knowledge and fun.
    * Much more Secure..it'snot like your old windows where anyone can drop-in play around withyour system...leaving you stuck in pile of crap. You can configure yourlinux desktop to the extremities of the security. Top companies prefer linux/unix based systems to Windows, coz it's much more secure.
    * Open Source, Nowthat's what linux is based all around. People from around the globecontribute to Open source development, many companies like IBM has even moved towards Linux and OpenSource, You can contribut too.
    * Real people, Real Questions and Real Answers, youcan always get support from various forums, lot's and lot's of sitesand blogs are dedicated to linux, in one way or another. you can findample of support, and I'm sure if you are experiencing a problemsomeone may already has..so you will find your solution all you need isdo some googling.
    * Freedom to install..Yes most people are using windows, but have they ever thought of running it from a CD-ROM or a USB Device..? No..But linux can run from a CD-ROM and even a USB Device..with all your favouraite applications pre-installed and Internet and lot's more..! This type of technique is particularly helpful in cases where your distribution get's corrupted or you want to just try out a distribution before installing it.
    * Everything...Linux supports everything, from Keyboard, mouse , HDD to... PDA's, iPOD's.If you think that you can find application for windows only and youdon't think it will be available in linux..then >> you have avast ...yes and by vast I mean..in lakhs..of applications available.You can even emulate any windows application on Linux, that means you can run Photoshop, Dreamweaver, WinAMP, Internet explorer, Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP/2003, games and whatever you can imagine...Some of the Applications are -

          o Support for Large number of Hardware - x86, SPARC, 64-Bit..
          o FileSytems - FAT,FAT32,NTFS,EXT2,EXT3,ResierFS,HPFS(MAC) and more..
          o Notepad, editors, calculator, address book management..
          o CD Writers, Partitioning tools..
          o Education - GCompris, KUbuntu (Distro Dedicated to Education)..
          o Graphic Editing - GIMP (Photoshop clone), SVG Editors..
          o Office applications - OpenOffice.org, abiword, xpdf..
          o Accounting softwares - GNUCash, configurable for Indian markets too..
          o Databases - mySQL, Postgre SQL..
          o Development - php, gcc (GNU C Compiler), JAVA, and even .NET..
          o Chatting - GAIM (The one Application is all that is..!)..
          o Music Players - AmaroK, XMMS, Audiacious..
          o Text-2-Audio - CMU Sphinx, Festival Speech Synthesis System..
          o Plotting - Grace, HippoDraw, LabPlot..
          o Mathematics - GeoGebra, KSEG..
          o Video Editing - GNU VCDImager, LiVES..
          o Backup - Amanda, BackUp PC, dump..
    * You can check out the whole bunch of software available ..HERE .

** If I'm missed out something..let me know..! **

Now you very well know how linux can help you..! But where is the problem that people hesitate to shift to linux. The first thing that comes to my mind is..

    * Awareness..Peopleonly know that there exists a Microsoft windows and nothing more.Believe me ask your neighbour about this...sir what operating systemyou are having, your are sure get this answer - P3/P4. The people areilleterate, and that what Microsoft windows is doing, it gives solutionto them and people are readily working, why not innovate yourself..?It's a fact, but for anything.. you try hard you remember it long.
    * Sometimes people misunderstand linux as an OS for geeks...noit's not, people around the globe are using..they aren't geeks,universities, colleges and schools have implemented them..to lower downthe cost they are facing...to help their students to be more advanceand stand-out from the crowd. Even in India many rural areas are using linux to spread knowledge. In China, IBM has launched a fiery revolution bringing Linux to almost all desktops ranging from Offices, colleges, universities to...home users. So why not you..?
    * Installation..?Okay I believe that you tried a linux system and you couldn't figureout where to go next, you thought you were risking your data..! Buthave you tried out any Linux Distribution NOW.!! ?? If no..thenjust grab any distribution and try..it the installations have become soeasy and fast, that even a child can do it. Seriously.!!
    * Getting around with it..!,Okay let me ask you..were you able to get around with your windowsDesktop as easily..? If yes..then you can get easily used to linux asfast and as easily..it provides the look and feel that even windows boxcan't provide.
    * Post Installation and Upgradation..,Okay..I completely agree with you that there is some hard play-around when you are trying to install other applications that don't come packed with the Distro, But ofcourse you have the solution to it..and that's the Online Repositories of Linux vendors from where you can download already configured Install Packages, So no need to worry..!! :) Upgradation is no problem..at all, you just need to run a single application in GUI mode or type a command and ...follow the instructions...!!

So @ last..I can say is with so many features and speeding up of support, ease of use and a flavour for everyone, you should get ready to try your hands on Linux.

So this week just sit back and find a suitable Linux Distribution for yourself.Here are few links..that can initiate your search..

        * OpenLX - Dedicated to India
        * Distrowatch  - linux reviews and info from distros all round the globe.
        * Zenwalk - A Slackware Derivative, I came across this just now, it's best according to me.
        * Ubuntu - A New breed of linux aimed @ simplifying things.
        * DSL - A 50 MB All-in-one, smallest linux available for x86 systems.

In the next weekly mail I'll be writing on how to test your linux distribution before you finally and really


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