Installing 2 gnu/linux Distros

I have to install Windows ME, Fedora Core 3 and SuSe 9.1. How do I proceed

Solution :

Before install take a deep breath on how to arrange spaces for installing three distors I have used as under…

I have a 40 GB Hard Disk and I have made the following partitions…

1) 5 GB FAT 32 (C:)
2) 5 GB FAT 32 (D:)
3) 10 GB EXT3 (For SuSe 9.1)
4) 10 GB EXT3 (For Fedora 3)
5) 512 MB SWAP (Thumbrule for setting up the size of SWAP = 2 * RAM present in your computer)
6) Rest kept free (to be used according to need)

In the above I used the first 5 GB FAT for installing Win ME. The second 5 GB FAT for storage of Win data files. The first 10 GB EXT3 for SuSe 9.1 and second 10 GB EXT3 for Fedora Core 3. The 512 MB swap is for common SWAP place.

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