Boost Your Gnu/Linux Engine?. Using Xfce


Power up Gnu/Linux with Xfce. It?s a desktop environment consisting of
lightweight components, and can be strung together in virtually any
configuration to create a desktop solution for every user..

Xfce? and everything goes faster?.!!
Xfce is a complete desktop environment which is specially designed for
low-end PCs. But the speed doesn?t come at the expense of features.
Xfce is optimized to give you the best, using the least system
resources possible.
Installing Xfce
Packages For Installing Xfce are available for variety of distros on
the Xfce download page at If you are on debian
based system. You can install Xfce using the how-to at If packages not available for your distro then
download the graphical installer from will help
you to install from the source.

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