Hacker Culture

Before you let your imagination run wild, READ UP. No, we not going to make immoral citizens out of you?:-). Hacking is the art of mastering and modifying any activity for the sheer fun and challenges that pop up. Hacking is often misunderstood to be the act of breaking and entering computer networks for financial and destructive purposes. This is CRACKING. A hacker in a general sense could be anyone who takes immense interest in what he does and derives pleasure out of it. It could be your plumber, carpenter or even your postman. A hacker need not be a computer programmer although this article will refer to the computer hacker.
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Birth of Linux Kernel

BIRTH OF LINUX KERNEL The below E-Mail messages track the development of the Linux Kernel In article duperval@ERE.UMontreal.CA ( Duperval Laurent) writes: > >P.S.? BTW,…

Understanding file permissions and modifying them using chmod

PLease do not publeish this until come changes are made

replace Linux by gnu/linux
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Linux is basically a multi-user system. But nowadays there has been an
increase in the usage of Linux as an OS for single user home computers
as well. But since it was originally meant to be a multi-user OS, a lot
of things that would be necessary in a multi-user system are built into
the Linux core. One such thing is file / directory permissions.
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History of Gnu/Linux

started all in 1969 with the development of UNIX ,which was originally
developed at Bell Laboratories as a private research project by a small
group of people
(K. Thompson, Dennis M Ritchie, M. D. McIlroy, J. F.
Ossanna), starting in 1969 after their lab withdrew from the MULTICS
?project. When Multics was withdrawn Ken Thompson and Dennis
needed to rewrite an operating system in order to play space travel on
another smaller machine (a DEC PDP-7 [Programmed Data Processor 4K
memory for user programs).So they started to develop an Operating
system.. The goals of the group were to design an operating system to
satisfy the following objectives:

??????Simple and elegant
??????Written in a high level language
rather than assembly?language
??????Allow re-use of code

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