Configuring BSNL DIAS Connection in Gnu/Linux


This article explains about the configuration of DIAS internet connection. DIAS is a type of internet connection offered by BSNL. It is offered only in selected cities. For more details about DIAS connection click here.

We need a package named rp-pppoe for configuring this internet connection in *nix based machines. This package can be downloaded from this site.

Now the following steps need to be followed:

1 → Switch to root using ‘su’ command
2 → Use the ‘rpm’ command to install the rp-pppoe rpm
3 →?After installing it , just do a cd to /usr/sbin
4 →?Now we are in the directory /usr/sbin
5 →?Now execute the script ‘adsl-setup’
6 →?You will be prompted to enter the following

  • User name
  • Password
  • Ethernet card number [Eth0, Eth1… etc.. based on your pc configuration]
  • DNS Address
    • Primary Address –
    • Secondary Address – ?? ?? ?
  • Firewall setup [Enter 0 or 1 or 2] based on the pc requirements
  • Finally we are asked to confirm the changes that we made

7 →?After completing this step, start the net connection by executing the following script ‘adsl-start’ and the connection can be terminated by using ‘adsl-stop’ script.

Hope this article is useful for those who are meddling up with their DIAS internet connection. Note that BSNL provides a modem [external] for this type of internet connection.

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