VNC Server setup

This article gives you brief idea about setting up vnc server on Linux.I had setup vnc server on fedora core 3. same steps will be applied to other distro also.

Step I : Enable vnc services on host MyServer.
???????→ go to system services
???????→ check out that vnc and vncserver are enabled.
???????→ if not enable it using space bar.
???????→ quit from setup.

?# service vncserver start

Step II : Start the VNC server.
# vncserver

vncserver started on MyServer:1.
Note : Only one instance of server is created.

retype password:****
Note : This will set vnc password for accessing vnc server.

Step III : Testing
From client run vncviewer(dont run remote desktop connection from winxp or win2003 .they are using different protocol.)

In server enter : MyServer:1

enter password:

and you will see the screen with one terminal open.

Thats because by default vnc starts twm desktop.

For getting your gnome desktop

Go to /root/.vnc/

vi xstartup

change the 4th and 5th lines to look like this

unset session manager

exec /etc/x11/…/initrc

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