cdecl — Create/Explain C Type Declarations.cdecl — Create/Explain C Type Declarations.


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cdecl — Create/Explain C Type Declarations.


Cdecl is a program for encoding and decoding C type declarations in
English language. It can run in interactive (shell-like) and
non-interactive mode (command line arguments).

In the interactive mode, cdecl will wait for your input in “cdecl> “
prompt. Enter “quit or exit” to exit. Enter “?” for help.


$ cdecl — Start the cdecl in interactive mode.

cdecl> quit — Exit cdecl.

cdecl> declare i as static integer

cdecl> declare p as extern pointer to int

cdecl> declare p as array of int

cdecl> declare fun as function returning void

cdecl> declare _exit as function (retvalue as int) returning void

cdecl> explain int **p

cdecl> explain int *p[]

cdecl> explain void (*signal())()

cdecl> explain int (*f)()

cdecl> cast i into char

cdecl> cast p into pointer to int

cdecl> cast i into pointer to void

Read: man cdecl

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