Configure Your NTLDR to Boot Any Linux Using GRUB…

Configure Your NTLDR to Boot Any Linux Using GRUB...
Firstly You Need The GRUB Package,which is installed by default in most distros.
and You should know which partition holds your /boot folder


--> To check Which partiton holds /boot this command helps you
??????? # mount /boot
?????? this shows the partition which holds the directory /boot???  
--> Now you need to make the /boot bootable, then create a file with first 512 bytes of
??????? /dev/hda1 (replace hda1 with the partition that #mount /boot gives you).
??????? Then enter this command 
??????? # grub-install /dev/hda1 
--> Now create 512 bytes file, 
??????? # dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/tmp/linux.bin count=1 
??????? This linux.bin file contains 512bytes of /dev/hda1 (Which contains Your Bootloader which you've installed)
???????? lets copy this file in your drive which contains boot.ini(Your Drive contains NTLDR)
???????? assuming it is the C drive mounted under /mnt/win_c
???????? #cp /tmp/linux.bin /mnt/win_c/linux.bin
?--> Now Switch to windows..
??????? Right Click on 'My Computer' and click on 'Properties'.
??????? choose 'Advanced' tab and the 'startup And Recovery' | settings' Then click on 'Edit'.
?--> Add the New Line At the end of file
??????? c:linux.bin="Your Linux name"
??????? (replace your c: with your drive where you've copied that linux.bin file)
?--> Save it and reboot the PC.
?--> Choose Windows in the linux boot screen, then choose linux again
??????? this should bring back to the linux boot screen. This is half battle won!!!
?--> In case you're getting the GRUB command prompt, type
??????? configfile /grub/grub.conf?????  
--> We now need to remove the linux boot loader from the master boot record
??????? and install NTLDR in its place.??????? 
??????? -->This will be done by booting windows installation disk.
??????? -->Now, choose the Recovery Console When Prompted.
??????? -->Choose Windows Installation, type your Password.At the prompt,type
??????????????? c:WINDOWS>fixboot????????????  
?????????????? followed by?????????????? 
?????????????? c:WINDOWS>fixmbr 
??????? -->It May warn you about the partition becomming un-accessible, you may ignore
?????????????? this and proceed normally.After doing so reboot the PC. 
--> And Now You are able to load your linux using NTLDR. 
--> Still choosing the linux option will first bring up the boot screen-you can remove
??????? that completely by making further changes to the /boot/grub/grub.conf file manually


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