factor — Print prime factors


Mr Gauravp Sharmad has developed GLibMS (GNU Library Management
System), a Library management software developed using PHP and
PostgreSQL to automate the library activities.
URL http://sourceforge.net/projects/glibs (Thanks FSUG-Bglr)

One Day One Command

factor — Print prime factors


Print the prime factors of each number.The algorithm it uses is not
very sophisticated, so for some inputs `factor’ runs for a long time.


$ factor 25 — Print prime factors

$ factor 125 200 — Print prime factors for each number.

$ factor `echo ‘2^64-1’|bc` — Factors the largest 64-bit number.

$ factor `echo ‘4294967279 * 4294967291’|bc` — Factors the largest

32-bit prime numbers. (Warning: It take more time)

Read: man factor

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