gcc — GNU C Compiler


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One Day One Command

gcc — GNU C Compiler


Several versions of the compiler (C, C++, Objective-C, Ada, Fortran,
and Java) are integrated; this is why we use the name “GNU Compiler
Collection”. GCC can compile programs written in any of these above

This C program is used in the examples.

#define DISPLAY “Hello Worldn”
 #ifdef MACRO
   printf(“No Macron”);


$ gcc hello.c — Place output in a.out file.

$ ./a.out — Run the binary file.

$ gcc -Wall hello.c — Show all warning messages.

$ gcc -c hello.c — Compile, Don’t Link. Place output in hello.o

$ gcc -S hello.c — Stop after the stage of compilation proper

                   and save the ASM code in hello.s file.

$ gcc -DMACRO hello.c — Predefine a Macro.

$ gcc -E hello.c — Stop after the preprocessing stage and print

                   output in stdout.

$ gcc hello.c -o hello — Place output in hello file.

$ ./hello — Run the binary file.

$ gcc -v hello.c -o hello — Show the details of compilation stages.

$ gcc -I./myIncludes/ hello.c — In myIncludes Dir also search for
            the Header files.

Read: man or info gcc

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