ORA-01555 “snapshot too old”

How to avoid ORA-01555 “snapshot too
old" error?

From the developer’s

Restructure your PL/SQL code to
avoid fetching across commits that cause the ORA-01555 error.

One possible reason can be if we
leave the cursor open for fetching while
we are processing and committing data changes for a long time.

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Installing sample schema in Oracle 10g R2

Installing sample schemas(HR,OE,PM etc…) in Oracle 10g R2

1. Get the companion disk for Oracle 10g from oracle.com

2. Unzip and extract the contents on the server

3. Run the Oracle Universal Installer to install the components, choose "Oracle database products"
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Troubleshooting Import of Oracle Dump Files

A no. of errors are encountered while importing dump files in Oracle database.

Some of them are due to

1. Tablespace not found.
2. User/Role not found.
3. Incorrect database charset

If correct parameters are not provided to the person doing the import, it a more of HIT/TRIAL methdology.

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