scp — Secure remote file Copy Program.

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scp — Secure remote file Copy Program.


scp copies files between computers on a network. It uses ssh for data
transfer, & uses the same authentication & provides the same security
as ssh. The SSH Daemon must be running in the remote computer to do
the scp.


$ scp file1 remote@MyServer:~/ — Copy local file1 to Home Dir of
              the remote account on

$ scp -p file1 remote@MyServer:~/ — Preserves modification times,

                  access times, and modes from the original file.

$ scp -r MyDir remote@MyServer:~/ — Recursively copy entire MyDir.

$ scp -q file1 remote@MyServer:~/ — Disables the default progress bar.

$ scp -v file1 remote@MyServer:~/ — Verbose Mode.

$ scp remote@MyServer:~/file2 . — Copy the file2 from remote account
              on MyServer to the
local host.

For Windows: SSH Client is Putty and SCP Client is WinSCP.

Read: man scp

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