How to take backup of a oracle schema

How to take backup of a oracle schema
You can use Export/Import OR Data pump.
For export(this command can be used to generate a backup file on the client machine)
exp user/password@database owner=user file=datafile.dmp log=logfile.log
database=db entry from tnsnames.ora,user=user-id to connect with,
password=password of the user connected with, 
owner=schema which needs to be exported,
more options can be expplored by
exp help=y

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Recover/Reinstall grub bootloader

To recover the boot loader for Ubuntu Linux or any other linux after the boot loader has been erased due to a dual windows installation or some other reason.
We need a bootable CD or USB to boot into a Linux shell.
Once looged in a Linux shell on the same machine, these steps are to be followed.
1. mount the / (root) partition of the Linux installation for which the grub boot loader has to be resintalled.
2. chroot into the Linux environment
3. run grub-installation

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