adjtimex – Display/Set the kernel time variables.


IndLinuX project was started to provide Indian Language support for
GNU/Linux OS at both console and XLibrary level.

One Day One Command

adjtimex – Display/Set the kernel time variables.


This program gives you raw access to the kernel time variables, like
clock tick, frequency, offset, PPL Time constant, etc.


$ adjtimex -p — Print current kernel time values.

# adjtimex -w — Provide time details and ask the user to approximate

the accuracy.

# adjtimex -c — Periodically (10Sec) compare the system clock with

the CMOS clock values and give suggestions.

# adjtimex -t 100001 — Set the no of mSec that should be added to the

system time for each kernel tick interrupt.

# adjtimex -f -408033 — Set the system clock frequency offset.

Read: man adjtimex

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