chattr — Change File Attributes on a Ext2 File System.


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chattr — Change File Attributes on a Ext2 File System.


Ext2 File System(FS) is providing few extra bit to set some special
attribute to each file in the FS. ‘chattr’ command is used to changes
the file’s special attributes on a Ext2 FS.


$ chattr +A myFile — Don’t change the Access time of this file.

$ chattr -V +A myFile — Same as above. But show verbose output.

$ chattr +c myFile — Save the file in compressed mode.

# chattr +i myFile — Make the file as Read-Only.

$ chattr +s myFile — Mark the file as secrete. During deletion its

                     blocks are Zeroed.

$ chattr +u myFile — Mark for undeletion. If this file is deleted,

                     user can ask for undelete.

$ chattr +S myFile — The changes in the file are written

                     synchronously on the disk.

# chattr -i myFile — Remove the Read-Only Mark.

$ chattr =Ac myFile — Set only A & c bit. Clear all other bits.

Read: man chattr

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