whatis — Search the whatis database for complete words


Mr Vijay Kumar B released Beta version of XPDF with GGI (General
Graphics Interface) Front end. Use of GGI will give a reliable,
stable and fast graphics system that works everywhere.
URL: http://www.bravegnu.org/xpdf/  (Developers Needed)

One Day One Command

whatis — Search the whatis database for complete words.


Whatis DB contains the name and one line description about all
commands man pages. whatis searches for keywords and displays the
result(s) on the standard output. Only complete word matches are


$ whatis ls — Show small info about ls command.

$ whatis perl — Show small info about perl.

$ whatis gcc — Show small info about gcc command.

$ whatis printf — Show small info about printf.

$ whatis socket — Show small info about socket.

$ whatis compile — Just try (Error).

Read: man whatis

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